Learners Without Limits

Teachers, Counselors, and Staff identify students in need, and Learners Without Limits provide the tools the student and family need to stay engaged with their school.

Yelm Community Garden

Our next dream for BFF is to bring to life a community garden for Yelm. We know it will be a huge contribution to a sustainable and healthy community.

The Gift of Gobble

Every year this program provides complete Thanksgiving feasts to over a hundred local families who have been nominated by friends, colleagues, or members of the community. 

power of produce

The Power of Produce

One of our most popular programs, POP makes the Farmers Market a destination for entire families while introducing children to the joy of growing their own food and understanding where it comes from.

Day of Champions

A day of sports for families facing unique challenges.





Donating to Bounty For Families Supports All these Programs

Become part of our continuous giving family and become a monthly donor.  Monthly donations ensures that more money can go into our programs and less money time and energy into fundraising efforts.  Just a small amount every month adds up when we as a community contributes together.  We are just getting started with more ways to help the community of Yelm and the surrounding areas in the future, we are very excited about our new community garden and will need your continued support to bring this Food Education opportunity to life.