Yelm’s First Community Garden

Bounty for Families presents the Yelm Community Garden program!

The first one will be located in the Yelm City Park by the Community Center – look for groundbreaking soon!

The garden will not just be your everyday garden either. The borders will be living! Imagine a “fence” made out of living plants that can be harvested.

Between the parking lot and the garden will be apple and cherry trees growing horizontally so that they make a border low enough the fruit can be picked by your kids! The short ends of the garden will have borders of red and green grapes and the border between the garden and the city park will be annuals.

In the garden, you’ll have the chance to help plant, help maintain and help harvest more fruits, vegetables and flowers!

The sketch below is of the basic layout of the garden.

yelm community garden


First planting is planned for March 2018 and will continue as needed.

We want the community involved – this is your garden – and you can do that with your time, or your building expertise and/or donations of materials, plants and even cash!